Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Yirgacheffe dry processed from Klatch Coffee

Most Yirgacheffe I have drunk have been washed and roasted medium dark; I was eager to taste one that was dry processed and not aggressively roasted.

light sparkle (tropical fruit – like with sweetness almost pineapple ) with blueberry tones (not just winey, not just berry – BLUEBERRY)

It had blueberry aroma being ground. It has a pleasant acidy sharpness on the back of the tongue reminiscent of blueberry juice. There are subtle tones too, of peppery wood, with after-tones of a good Madagascar chocolate, but these are almost shouted down by the overwhelming blueberry. The body is like a good port wine.

Sugar and half & half serve to make the Blueberry even stronger

This is like a very good blueberry wine that should be drunk at leisure with a good friend and long conversations. This would be an excellent evening coffee

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