Delightful Coffee Encounter borrowing Starbucks’ WiFi

Kati Kati Blend by Starbucks

Today there was a problem with my internet. So I had to go to Starbucks to use their WiFi. While I was there I encountered a coffee that is worth raving over. It is not often that Starbucks hits a homerun (many of you know my lower than low opinion of their House Blend and Pikes Place Blend). Kati Kati is a Kenya/Ethiopian blend. It is the first blend from Starbucks that I have been able to drink black. It was very good. Good body, sparkly, spicy, mellow, with floral finish.

Starbucks should adopt this as their signature blend. It says “We are into COFFEE.” so much better than their House Blend or Pike Place Blend.

Ethiopian from StarBucks

Starbucks Rift Valley Ethiopian


Hey Coffee fans. After a few years hiatus, Starbucks is once again selling coffee. They rolled out their Ethiopian from the Rift Valley earlier this month. It is a blend of Sidama and Yirgo beans. It is roasted a bit on the dark side (I know; we’re all shocked that Starbucks would do such a thing)

It has nice spicy and peppery tones with flowery blueberry showing up as an aftertaste as the cup cooled. Perhaps if they did not roast it so aggressively it might have better berry/flowery notes. While I am sure that a better Ethiopian can be had, still I think we should reward Starbucks return to selling coffee by buying a pound. They fully plan to make this one of their regular offerings.

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Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Yirgacheffe dry processed from Klatch Coffee

Most Yirgacheffe I have drunk have been washed and roasted medium dark; I was eager to taste one that was dry processed and not aggressively roasted.

light sparkle (tropical fruit – like with sweetness almost pineapple ) with blueberry tones (not just winey, not just berry – BLUEBERRY)

It had blueberry aroma being ground. It has a pleasant acidy sharpness on the back of the tongue reminiscent of blueberry juice. There are subtle tones too, of peppery wood, with after-tones of a good Madagascar chocolate, but these are almost shouted down by the overwhelming blueberry. The body is like a good port wine.

Sugar and half & half serve to make the Blueberry even stronger

This is like a very good blueberry wine that should be drunk at leisure with a good friend and long conversations. This would be an excellent evening coffee

Umpire Estate Ethiopian


Review of Umpire Estate Ethiopian Raphael House Coffee

The medium dark roast balances what can often be an intense berry tone, typical of Ethiopian coffees. The flavour is a nice balance of a winy/berry tone, medium body, with a flowery finish. To enjoy it to its maximum it should be slurped up on the tongue. This coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold, with or without flavourings. It stands up well in all circumstances. It will pair well with spicy foods such as Indian or Asian cuisine. I recommend following the instructions on the bag for freshness with the exception of the one about freezing. Coffee does not freeze well and would do better being put in an airtight ceramic jar. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this coffee goes to the Raphael House in San Francisco.