Woods Coffee, Bellingham WA


A few weeks ago the Illumni Men’s Chorale was headed north to the VanMan Summit to sing a set. We stopped in at North Western Washington U in Bellingham to sing with their men’s choir. On the way out of Bellingham I had the pleasure of drinking an awesome cup of coffee at Woods Coffee. We stopped at the one on King Street.

The Barista, Jess, clearly knew her coffee and was able to speak intelligently about it. It was clear that she had been well trained. She was able to go toe-to-toe with me, which is rare in a barista. That day, they were serving a Blend of Kenya,  Honduras, and Sumatra. Very often people want to brush their teeth after drinking coffee to get rid of “coffee breath”; not this cup. It had a very clean taste that stayed that same way for hours. I did not want to drink anything else because of the wonderful taste in my mouth. The body was excellent. As the cup cooled the characteristics of the Kenya came to the forefront. The roaster/blender has hit a home-run with this coffee. You know you are drinking a good cup of coffee when it still has a wonderful flavour hours after you have drunk it. I had to stop by and have another cup on the way back south.

Thank you Woods Coffee for your attention to the coffee and for serving outstanding coffee. This is what Coffee shops are supposed to do. Bellingham has excellent coffee in Woods Coffee.


Sumatra Stout

This is a bit unusual for me. I am reviewing a coffee flavoured beer.

Sumatra Coffee Stout (Trade Route Brewing Co.)

The body of the Stout suggests the body of Sumatra.

Upon sipping the stout taste is dominant. There is not much of a hint of the coffee until you stop the sip. Then  starting 4 second later and lasting for a good minute, the aftertaste comes forward giving a distinct indonesian coffee flavour, with a light sweet malty finish. This stout should be sipped slowly to get the benefit of as much of the coffee tones as possible. I recommend sharing a bottle with another beer/coffee lover.