A Real Mocha


When one walks into a coffee shop in Seattle and orders a “Mocha”  what one inevitably gets is hot milk flavoured with Coffee and Chocolate. Never in 10 years of ordering coffee in Seattle was there a single bean of Real Mocha in the drink. Mocha is a silted-in port in Yemen. Only Yemenite coffee can truly claim the name “Mocha”

This week I walked into Fonté Coffee & Wine Bar (1321 First Ave) in Seattle and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were willing and able to serve an authentic Mocha from Yemen.

They ground and brewed it fresh in the cup as I waited.

The Yemen had a very earthy aroma, with spicy undertones and a berry finish with the slightest hint of flower at the end. They prepare it in a 12 oz mug. If I had thought about it I would have asked them to stop the water at 8 oz in order to taste the delicious elixir at full strength (perhaps if I had asked for “room for cream”).

Fonté also serves food and wine in a very elegant setting. I heartily recommend stopping in and having a REAL Mocha from Yemen.