New Coffee Pot

When to get a new auto – drip pot.


I recently retired my Braun Aromatic after 8 years of service. I was hoping to find another Braun, but they seem to have gotten scarce.

What made it necessary to replace (beyond the normal wear and tear of 8 years of coffee) is that it was no longer extracting properly. The nozzle no longer got all the ground wet. This resulted in part of the ground not being extracted (infused) at all, and the remainder being over extracted. This resulted in a thin textured coffee brew that sometimes was more bitter than it needed to be.

I have replaced it with a Krups KM4065. This comes with it’s own water filter. The area I live in needs its water filtered. Downside of the filter is that it has to be replaced every 3 to 4 months. Upside of it is that it makes central and south american coffees sparkle and brings forward some of the characteristics of lighter roast coffees that sometimes get lost. An additional feature is that it can be set to automatically shut off so that the coffee doesn’t cook on the burner (I usually shut off after my second cup). It has the programable clock which I don’t recommend using since it requires your coffee to be ground ahead of time and then sit for hours getting stale. An additional design flaw is that the basket is too close to the water reservoir. It is easy to get grounds in it.

I look forward to a good 8 years of service.