Seattle CoffeeFest


Thousands of wild-eyed, glazed-eyed humans mill about the Convention Center in Seattle mumbling words about body, mouth feel, and smoky. One hesitates to meet this crazed visage until one realizes that the same expression wears itself upon one’s own face.

This is CoffeeFest


Where else can you taste a wondrous Peruvian coffee and then meet the owner of the farm from which it came? Nor will you find it odd to hear oracles opining over obvious olfactory opulence.

I will review the Coffee separately. The new products that caught my eye were: Coffee Soda (made with cane sugar, not HFCS), and herbal tea that tastes like soup.

The  Coffee Soda is from Fizz Coffee. It tasted good: not too sweet, the carbonation contributed to the sparkle.

Check out

As for the herbal tea that tastes like very good bouillon soup, it is from Millies Savory Teas: Comfort Food in a Broth. The Teas are all Vegan, but they taste like a well crafted unvegan broth. I had the “Smoky Facon” and the “Indian Spice”. The Smoky Facon is an attempt to go for a pork broth taste. To me it tasted like a very well done beef broth. I could not convince my tongue that this was vegan. The Indian Spice tasted like a curry broth. It was complex and very delicious. They also have Tomato Basil, Thai Lemongrass, and Spicy Tortilla. For those of us in the Seattle area, Millies Savour Teas (OneFarStar, LLC) is local. Their website is

CoffeeFest is a trademark of Coffee Fest. Their website is

2 comments on “Seattle CoffeeFest

  1. When I worked at a coffee shop in Seattle, I had the pleasure of going to CoffeeFest with fellow workers. What fun!! Wow!! Was I buzzed with caffeine after a while!! 🙂 Learned to pace myself a bit and not be quite so wired all day! Met such interesting people, all with a similar passion for coffee!

    That’s where I learned about my favorite local coffee, Dillanos (Sumner, WA). Did you get a chance to try them? Smooootthh coffee!! Yum! And such nice people! Have to admit being a tad bit jealous – of enjoying CoffeeFest or being in Seattle, I’m not sure which. Seattle still feels like it should be home for me, so it’s probably just “home” calling to me.

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