The Coffee Monks

In August I am often on Vashon Island for a few days. The Monastery of All Merciful Saviour has its annual Pilgrimage each year. For those who may not know, Orthodox Monasteries are supposed to support themselves. One of the ways the Vashon Russian Orthodox Monastery supports itself is by selling Coffee. It is a wonderful couple of days that I being there — Vespers, followed by a meal in the Trapeza (greek for refectory, where meals are taken) followed by a campfire, Divine Liturgy followed by a meal in the Trapeza. It is a wonderful spiritual retreat punctuated by really good Coffee.

The coffee that was served in the Trapeza was Abbot’s Choice, a very pleasant French Roast blend of Central American Coffees. It had a very good body and texture with the characteristic sweet afternotes one expects from a very good french roast.

Fr. Abbott Tryphon, in addition to his duties as Abbot is also a Public Service Chaplain. When there is an event that requires the attention of Police or Fire Departments, often Fr. Tryphon is called to duty. In December of 2009 when so many Police were killed in the line of duty in Seattle and Tacoma, Fr. Tryphon was on duty on December 25th so that the other chaplains could spend western calendar Christmas with their families.

Here is an opportunity to support the ministry of the monastery (it has suffered in the recession as many have). Buy their coffee

is their home page.

Coffee may be ordered at

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