On the Suicide of a Notorious Criminal

Shall I desire at all the death of the sinner? saith the Lord, but rather I desire that he should turn from his evil way and live. (Ezekiel 18:23) As I live, I desire not the death of the ungodly, but that the ungodly should turn from his way and live. Turn ye with turning from your way; why will you die? (Ezekiel 33:11)

Ariel Castro committed suicide yesterday. There are outpourings of joy that the world is rid of this truly warped man. There are also cries of anger. Much of that anger is justified. For a man created in God’s Image, Mr. Castro did decidedly wicked and twisted things with that Image, warping it almost beyond recognition with no “Likeness” of the God in Whose Image he was created. I understand the anger. I cannot take joy in this man’s departure at his own hand. He died as he lived, trying to control everything for his convenience, without consideration for others. Yet in death, his horrible twistedness cannot be healed. Therefore I cannot rejoice. A man has chosen to die as he lived, in destructiveness. He has chosen this over healing. It is a horrible thing, not something to be delighted in. Our lack of mercy towards even the most twisted among us creates a wound in us that also needs healing. God can heal; it is not upon any of us to rejoice in one who has taken himself away from healing. Such a desire is against God and wounds our soul.

May the Lord grant me time for repentance and healing.

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