Stumptown Coffee Roasters on a Rainy Day


Life took me   to Seattle on a rainy day. I know it never really rains in Seattle to a Florida boy, but this day succeeded in being genuinely soggy. Stopped in at Stumptown Coffee Roasters on 12th Avenue to unsog. Walked in and got an Indonesian Gajah ache and enjoyed its tangy aroma, delicate citrusy tastes on the front of the tongue, earthy body and flowery finish. Then went downstairs to watch Adam roast coffee. I must have watched 4 different batches being roasted. The last batch was an Indonesian Sulawesi Toarco AA. I took home about a quarter pound of these large reddish beans and tasted them. The ground coffee has an earthy piquant to it. The reddish amber colour shows up in a white porcelain mug. Sipping an autodrip brew had light peppery tones on the back of the tongue with a pleasant sharp spiciness at the back of the pallet and the tip of the tongue with a medium body. As it cooled, sweeter notes came forward.

Second cup I added Sugar and Cream and noticed the earthy piquant came forward. The body actually increased instead of becoming paler, almost as if it were saying, “come on sugar and cream; you think you’re tough; I’ll show you.”

In a press pot the balance was better all over and the body fuller. Whereas the auto drip had engaged mainly the tip and back of the tongue, the press pot engaged all of the tongue. It had an excellent aroma tickling the soft pallet. The aftertaste was a very pleasant smokey eggplant


Sugar and cream don’t hide that. This coffee is engaging all the tongue in a wonderful play of flavours.

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