Mahogany Bear – Spectacled Bear Columbian


Mahogany Bear – Spectacled Bear Columbian

Visual beans were uniform with slightest tearing  of oil, but not overly so. The aroma upon grinding was good with a hint of earthy tang. In a white porcelain cup the colour was brown with a slight hint of amber.

Auto drip: The coffee started with Citrus tones with some tang. The body was medium. Adding half & half suppresses some of the body but not dramatically so.

Espresso shot had very pleasant earthy tones with a slight bittersweet after taste with good creme and a better body than auto drip.

Press Pot: The color upon the  water pouring was a good brown purple. The crust broke with a nice looking foam. A slurp brought a good aroma. The body was on the slightly heavy side of medium (better body than most columbians). Sugar and half & half brought out some of the natural sweetness that seems to be a bit shy, and emphasizes the cocoa tones with just a hint of tang. The body held up to the half&half. The predominate aftertaste is of the earthy tang that the aroma of the grinding promised.

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